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22 Catchy Distance Learning Business Names

Distance learning programs for children still in primary school are gaining more and more popularity around the world. With all of the problems in the school systems, such as bullying, lack of motivation, and safety concerns, parents are pulling their children out of the traditional classroom and placing them in a virtual one. Creating your very own virtual school can be a rough challenge, but the demand is certainly there. Here are some great names to inspire the name for your own distance learning business.

A Beka
A To Z Education
Alpha Omega Academy
B.E.S.T. Program
California Cover Schools
Connections Academy
Davidson’s Gifted Students
Extension Education
Fuel FX
Learn 4 Good
Liberty Online Schooling
Oak Meadow Virtual Classroom
Ohio Virtual Academy
Pace Learning
Quaker Digital School
The Distance Advantage
Umbrella Schooling
Walden Education

This awesome video describes a true day in the life of a child who uses distance learning rather than traditional schools. It describes all of the great benefits that he enjoys in his every day life as well as his education.

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