23 Best Catchy Micro Lending Business Names

Micro lending is a relatively new practice. This is when very small loans are given to people who are unemployed, living in poverty, or are underneath other circumstances that make it difficult for them to get a normal loan. The goal is to help them bring themselves out of poverty. This has proven to be a successful plan many times over. If you are thinking of beginning your very own micro lending business then here are some wonderful name choices to help you get started.

American Microloan
Blueprint Investment Fund
Boc Capital Corp.
Business Center for New Americans
California Coastal Lending
Community Investment Corp.
Good Work Network
Jewish Free Loan
Maryknoll Mission
Maryland Capital Enterprises
On Deck Capital
Our MicroLending
Project Enterprise
RISE Financial Pathways
The Opportunity Fund
The Women’s Initiative For Self Employment
Valley Economic

This video describes exactly what microlending is and how it has helped thousands upon thousands of people to better their lives.