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21 Vital Social Media Tools for Marketers


Here are some of the key takeaways to consider from the following infographic.

1) Understand That New Tools Are Coming Out All The Time.
As tech within the world of social media continues to evolve and improve by leaps and bounds, expect even more tools to come your way. Taken as a whole, the landscape for social media tools for marketers is already elaborate. From AgoraPulse, to Buzzsumo, to Heyo, Post Planner, and Dashlane, there is no question that you have an extraordinary assortment of possibilities right now.

2) Tools Are Highly Specialized These Days.
While it would be nice to have a single tool that gave us the ability to do absolutely everything a marketer needs to do to be successful in 2016, the truth of the matter is that such a thing is probably not going to exist at this point in time. Make sure you have tools that can suit everything you want to do, as well as everything that absolutely needs to be taken care of. For example, Droplr makes it extraordinarily easy to share things. Inkybee gives you the ability to seek out the best bloggers, sites, and influences within specific niches. Mention has been designed as a replacement for Google Alerts, and it has drawn considerable praise from experts and seasoned marketer for accomplishing exactly that.

3) Develop Strategies, And Then Go Out To Find The Social Media Tools.
These days, with the sheer, stunning volume of high-quality, highly specific social media tools that are currently available to marketers, developing strategies has become easier than ever. In fact, with so many different tools out there, it might not be a bad idea to simply assume you can do just about anything you want. Obviously, you don’t want to get too crazy. However, with tools like Sprout Social and Social Quant on the market, finding a tool that fits your needs exactly is more likely than not. To that end, marketers may simply want to focus on developing strategies, and then seeking out the tools that will help them to bring those strategies to life.

4) Don’t Be Afraid To Shop Around.
Naturally, some social media tools overlap with others to a certain degree. While this can make things a little confusing for marketers who are only now beginning to look at tools seriously, this can actually be a good thing, in the end. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the tools you need.

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