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21 Useful Facebook Traffic Statistics

With over 1.9 billion profiles and counting, Facebook is easily one of the most popular websites in the world today. The proof is in their traffic statistics. With over 163 million unique visitors in January 2015 alone, the bar has been raised high for other social networks.

Facebook routinely drives more than 20% of the total social networking traffic that exists on the internet every day.

Facebook Traffic

With billions of likes created every day, Facebook is a platform that no one can simply choose to ignore. It’s for people, businesses, charities, and anyone else that needs to connect with others anywhere in the world today. This is the question that needs to be asked: if you’re not on Facebook yet, then why not?

  • Almost 900 million people log into their Facebook profile or page every day. That’s 18% more traffic for daily logins in 2014 when compared to 2013 numbers.
  • There are almost 1.4 billion people who use Facebook in some way at least once per month.
  • 20 minutes. That’s the average amount of time that someone spends on Facebook after logging into the site.
  • There are 5 new profiles or pages being created on Facebook in every second of every day.
  • Traffic spikes in the early afternoon on Facebook [1pm-3pm], but engagement spikes on Thursdays and Fridays when workers are winding down their work week.
  • It receives enough traffic to make it the #2 visited website in the world. Google is the #1 website.
  • 25% of Facebook’s traffic comes from the United States. The #2 source of traffic for the site comes from India, accounting for 9.6% of its traffic.
  • Just 3.7% of Facebook’s traffic comes from search engine referrals. For the traffic that does come from search engines, 25% of it originates from the search term “Facebook.”
  • Compared to work and home locations, an above average level of logins occurs from Facebook profiles while at school.

It’s not much of a shock that Facebook would be one of the top sites in the world. With hundreds of millions of unique visitors every year and dozens of new profiles being created every minute, this social network really is the hub of where the internet can connect with each other. Think about it. There’s 7 billion+ people in the world today and there are about 2 billion of them that have a Facebook profile that they log into on a regular basis. For businesses, Facebook becomes the chance to create a global network of opportunities. For people, it’s a chance to connect with personal and professional associates at any time of day. This is why Facebook has become an essential component of life.

How Strong Is Facebook’s Influence?

  • It is estimated that Facebook’s influence on the internet grew up 115% over the last year. In comparison, Twitter’s influence declined by 24%.
  • Facebook accounts for 6% of all the digital time that is people spend every day.
  • 2 out of 3 Millennials regularly use Facebook. In the 12-17 age demographic, 28% of kids say that they use Facebook all of the time.
  • In the rapidly growing APAC region, Facebook is seeing an annual increase of traffic that ranges between 28-32%.
  • 1 in 3 people will click a Facebook like button on a website if they liked the article that they read.
  • 57%. That’s the percentage of millionaires that regularly use Facebook.
  • There are 4 million people on Facebook right now that are either retired military, actively serving, a veteran, or an enlisted service member.
  • 90% of people who use social media online regularly have a profile on Facebook.
  • 69% of Facebook users will also shop online.
  • 54% of those with an active profile will log into Facebook more than once per day.
  • On Thanksgiving 2014, 171 million people logged into Facebook and offered over 1 billion status updates.

One of the top incoming links that Facebook has comes from Amazon’s top list of albums. People are using social networking for a wide variety of options, but strangely enough, many people don’t want to purchase something on the site. They’ll click a link to buy something from somewhere else, however, and that’s good news for businesses today. With so many people online and millions of people potentially in a targeted customer segment, there is a lot of potential of growth thanks to the Facebook traffic statistics.

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