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23 Immense China Export Statistics


China: The Emergence of a Potential Superpower

Want to learn more about the nation of China? Originally formed on October 1st, 1949, China now has all the makings of a world superpower. Wondering why the media gives this communist country so much attention? Here, we have gathered more than a few startling statistics about why China is poised to emerge as the next possible unexpected governmental superpower.

Economy & Diet

China has a huge population. At over 1.3 billion, it has more people than either India or the US. Around 779.9 million of these people work, and China produces more goods than most other countries because of it, even with 300 million being farmers. Cigarettes, electronics, sugar, appliances, cell phones, and cars account for just some of the things they have produced tons of in 2009. Most of these goods are exported. The Chinese make around 28 billion per year on shoes, 107.1 billion on clothing, and about 40 billion on cell phones. The US imports around $220 billion per year of Chinese goods. The European Union imports even more (around $260 billion). About ¼ of all rice in the world comes from China (193 billion tons). Most of this is eaten by the Chinese, where rice accounts for 26% of their caloric intake per annum, compared with 2% in America. The leading trade partner for Chinese exports is the United States. The trade balance of China is $593 billion.


With 3.4 million active military and 1.2 million reserve soldiers, China boosts the largest army internationally. They only spend $80.64 billion per year on defense, compared to $607 billion in the US. Still yet, they have 2,024 aircraft (the US has 5,550), and between 100-400 nuclear weapons. China actually has more tanks in their army than the US does, at a whopping 7,500. The US only has 6,000.


The Chinese are serious about criminals. They put to death more criminals every year than every other nation on the planet, combined. Around 68 different crimes can get you killed. Among them are selling tainted goods, drug smuggling, fraud on taxes, and corruption of the government, counterfeiting, arson, and illegal fundraising. About 10% of these executions are related to nonviolent crimes. Most of these executions are carried out with a gun. It is hard to say how many people, per year, are killed this way, though in 2009, the number was thought to be around 5,000. Even yet, there are more members of organized crime in China (the Triad) than in either the Italian Mob or the Yakuza.

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