21 Great Catchy Health Products Company Names

In this day and age people are slowly but surely shifting into a more health conscious realm of being. This shift of thinking and lifestyle habits is causing a dramatic boom in health product industries. The health industry brought in nearly 40 billion dollars in revenue in 2014. The first step to creating a successful business in this industry is having an eye grabbing and attention getting name. Here is a wonderful list of great names of existing health products companies.

Abundant Health
Clover Health
Cool Fuel
Echo Health
Fit Fly
Health Hut
J&J Health Products
Naturally Yours
Nature’s Bounty
Nature’s Fuel
Nutrition Depot
Nutrition Hut
Protein Simple
Pure Health
Rainbow Light
Simply Natural
The Health Spot
Vitamins & Such

There are many do’s and don’ts when starting a new company, especially in the health products field. This great video gives you valuable information to help guide you on your journey of starting your company.

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