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23 Computer Addiction Statistics and Trends

Computer Addiction Statistics

An average one in eight Americans show signs of being addicted to the internet. That is 12% of the United States population. In Asian, 30% of Koreans report their usage as being problematic. The following statistics capture the current state of computer addiction.

Current Statistics
1. 13.7% find it difficult to stay offline for several days.
2. 12.3% felt the need to cut back on internet usage.
3. 8.7% attempted to hide their internet usage from friends and family.
4. 5.9% felt their relationship suffered due to their internet use.

5. Gender Disparities
Men: Addicted to games, porn, and online gaming.
Women: Addicted to chatting, instant messaging, eBay, and online shopping.

6. Usage Based on Age
18-29 years old: 93%
30-49 years old: 81%
50-64 years old: 70%
65 and older: 38%

7. Countries with Highest Number of Users

1. China – 360,000,000
2. United States – 27,719,000
3. Japan – 95,979,000
4. India – 81,000,000
5. Brazil – 67,510,400

Addiction to Computers Trends

Children addiction to computers has become a worldwide epidemic. Drug commissioners from worldwide have met on this growing epidemic to identify the issues.

8. What is the Internet Used For?

Reading Email: 45%
Reading News: 30%
Social Networking: 35%
Banking Online: 20%

Impact in Workplace

9. Internet being used at work for non business related: 30-40%
10. Online purchases made during workday: 60%
11. Internet pornography accessed during work: 70%
12. Lost productivity from cyber slacking: 40%
13. Men are twice as likely to surf the web for personal enjoyment while at work.

Addiction Highlights Statistics

14. Internet addicts can experience 10-20% surface area brain shrinkage.
15. 82% of users spend more time than anticipated.
16. 65% use the internet to escape problems.
17. 34% check their smartphone before going to bed.
18. 21% wake up in the middle of the night to check Facebook.
19. 27% check Facebook while on the toilet.
20. China and South Korea have highest rates of addiction at 30%.
21. More than a third of students spend more than 5 hours a day online.
22. More than 160 million Americans are regular Internet users.
23. 5.9 percent of participants in a Stanford Study felt their relationships suffered because of excessive Internet use.

Usage Statistics of Computers

Computer users spend an average 66 hours per week behind the computer. Primary reasons are for working, online shopping, managing finances, or locating contact information. 80% of users perform online research after purchasing a product. The following infographic below outlines computer statistics of users.

Addiction to Computer Statistics

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