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21 Company Culture Examples to Model


There are some things that just go together and you can’t have one without the other. Company and culture are one of these pairs that simply can’t be separated. You can’t have a company of any type without a culture being created as a result. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Do You Understand Culture?
The reason that cultures and companies go hand in hand, is because a culture is essentially the manner in which a company functions. The way that a business typically does things lends to the culture that is created as a result. In some instances, the culture of a business creates an environment that is pleasant for employees, but in other cases this is not true. Almost all companies have different cultures that are created. However, the success of any business is often tied directly to the culture.

2) Companies With Happy Employees
There are some similarities that can be seen in companies that have happy employees over companies that have disgruntled employees. Companies that have happy employees typically outperform their competitors by about 20% and also have profits that are increased by about 2%. This means that having happy employees can be lucrative for companies as a whole. Those companies that report to have happy employees also are often above industry benchmarks by about 3%. This means that in every phase of business, happy employees can lend to better performance.

3) Happiness and Productivity
The biggest difference that culture can make is tied to productive. When employees are happy and content in the workplace, they tend to be much more productive. Studies show that happy employees are about 10% more productive than employees that are not happy. Workers that are unhappy are about 10% less productive than those that are content.

4) Current Trends
Even though having happy employs is tied directly to profits, most business are failing to create cultures that lend to happy workers. Many workers feel that they are not engaged at the workplace with more than 60% stating that they are not engaged at the level they would like to be. Almost 90% of people given a recent survey reported to be unhappy with their current job. This is a staggering percentage of workers and clearly shows that most companies are not creating the right type of culture within the workplace. As a result, productivity is taking a hit and profits are decreasing at fast rates.

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