23 Best Catchy Crochet Business Names

Starting your own crochet business can be a lot of work. From the hours it takes to create an item to the hours of marketing your business to the final sale, nothing beats the feeling of shipping off a handmade creation of your own to someone who really wants to own it. To be successful at your crochet business, be sure to understand some key fundamentals from picturing your item, offering discounts and marketing online, to building a portfolio. The following compilation of crochet business names come from existing businesses and are intended to help inspire your own unique creative branding for your products.

Acorn Street Yarn Shop
All Points Yarn
Annie and Company Needlepoint
Art Cove
A Stitch In Time
Bad Woman Yarn
Endless Knot
Fiber Notion
Four Winds Artful Living
Gotta Knit
Jax Joon
Hooked on Yarn
Loopy Mango
Mad Cow Yarn
So Much Yarn
Stitch Therapy
The Fiber Gallery
Town Square Fabric & Yarn
Ugly Baby and La Ru
Weaving Works

When it comes to starting your own crochet business, understanding the value of your product will help to make or break your profits and future revenue stream. To get started, one of the most important things to consider is to determine what it is your are selling, the costs associated with making the item, fees to sell, and profit you intended to make. Many basic formulas will help to create a framework for your product inventory. Be sure to check out the video below for more details of pricing of crochet items.