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20 Top-Notch Phil Vischer Quotes

Phil Vischer is an American animator, writer, and voice actor best known for his series VeggieTales. As the voice of Bob the Tomato and half of the other characters seen in the series, here is a look at some of the top Phil Vischer quotes ever documented.

“An odd outlook on life is the beginning of good comedic writing.”

“Beware of your dreams. They can become misplaced lovers. They can become idols.”

“Fairly early in life, I noticed my brain was weird. By that I mean that I noticed it had a way of looking at normal things from a slightly twisted angle–just twisted enough that it often made me chuckle.”

“God is not calling us to work for Him. He is calling us to walk with Him.”

“Have you ever been tempted to start your own business- First read this cautionary tale, especially if you think your ideas come from God.”

“I am very serious when I say this, beware of your dreams, for dreams make dangerous friends. We all have them—longings for a better life, a healthy child, a happy marriage, rewarding work.”

“I believe, from the worst part of our sinful natures, the part that always wants another cookie, a bigger house, a nicer TV.”

“I looked back at the previous 10 years and realized I had spent 10 years trying to convince kids to behave Christianly without actually teaching them Christianity.”

“I realized I’m not supposed to be pursuing impact, I’m supposed to be pursuing God. And when I pursue God I will have exactly as much impact as He wants me to have.”

“I think it is valuable to be poked at and I think – and this is obviously where things are headed. It’s going to be much harder to be a Christian in America … which means to be a Christian you actually have to think it’s worth it. You actually have to think it through, you actually have to process it.”

“If a dream God has given you dies, it may be that God wants you to see what’s more important to you. The dream or Him.”

“If God gives you a dream, and the dream comes to life and God shows up in it, and then the dream dies, it may be that God wants to see what is more important to you – the dream or him.”

“It is pretty clear in the Bible story that the whale swallowing Jonah wasn’t meant as a punishment from God, it was God saving him from drowning.”

“Telling the complete story of VeggieTales would require much more time than we have before us tonight.”

“The best way for you to each your kids the Gospel is with your own life.”

“The God who created the universe is enough for us—even without our dreams.”

“The messages our kids receive from teachers, coaches–and even, with the best intentions, from us – can push them toward pride or despair…toward self-righteousness or self-hatred.”

“The most important thing is not the work I can do for God. The most important thing is to make God the most important thing.”

“The world doesn’t learn about God by watching Christian movies. The world learns about God by watching Christians.”

“We are Christ’s hands and feet, ambassadors of reconcilation. The question is: How is that coming across in your life?”

Here is a look at Phil Vischer as he talks at the Torrey Memorial Bible Conference in a session titled, ‘My Life as a Tomato.’

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