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20 Top-Notch Darrius Garrett Quotes

Darrius Garrett is an actor, author, and motivational speaker. Coming from the streets of Long Beach, California, Garrett focuses on his journey to creating his own path to the New York Times Bestselling author list. With more than a decade of experience, here is a look at some of the best Darrius Garrett quotes ever documented.

“A soul the lacks love is emotionally lifeless.”

“A thing worse than dying with nothing; is dying without purpose.”

“Believe in your grind and you’ll succeed in your shine.”

“Don’t stop chasing your dreams…you can only take a five min water and bathroom break then back to your grind.”

“Forgiveness is key for me to be free, no blame on you; just change in me.”

“How could a person consider themselves politically correct when politics itself is corrupt?”

“I don’t mind growing old as long as I continue to grow.”

“I’m glad folks say That I think outside the box; that means I have more room for creativity.”

“In order to be written into History; one must first change it.”

“Life isn’t a promise; it’s a present.”

“Money can’t make you happy but being happy can make you money.”

“Motivation comes from within…nobody can motivate u. Motivational speakers just help u search inside to unlock the power you had all along.”

“No greater place to be than in a leadership position to lead young minds to prosperity.”

“No idea is a bad Idea. No dream is a bad dream. If your dream was good enough to have its good enough to do.”

“One must find Success in the possibilities and not just the possible.”

“The best gift one could have is the gift of Time for with time all other things could come to pass. But with lack of time nothing is possible.”

“To me life without creativity is as black & white portrait; uncanvassed.”

“We can spend our lives talking about what could of been; but that takes the time of working on what we could be.”

“What is life; If you haven’t lived?”

“With words… one can cut & kill: but also one can cure and heal.”

Here is an inspirational introduction video for Darrius Garrett that is made a part of his events.

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