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20 Sensational Kathleen Hall Quotes

Kathleen Hall is an expert on the topics of stress, mindfulness, and mindful living. As the creator of the Mindful Living Network, Hall has been a practicing stress expert for many years sharing her years of practice and study. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Kathleen Hall quotes ever recorded.

“From the beginning of time, humankind has been fascinated by the mystical nature of our existence.”

“He communicated likeability. He had greater difficulty communicating a command of the issues.”

“I think it’s healthy to say that the American people now have direct access and that we have sufficient confidence as people in our own ability to judge, to make intelligent decisions.”

“In politics as in life, what is known is not necessarily what is believed, what is shown is not necessarily what is seen, and what is said is not necessarily what is heard.”

“Increasingly, campaigns have become narcotics that blur our awareness of problems long enough to elect the lawmakers who must deal with them.”

“Just because it’s entertaining doesn’t mean you’re not going to learn things.”

“Most of us like the idea we are spiritual beings, but few of us seem comfortable with our numinous quality, let alone set out to enjoy it.”

“Network news accustoms audiences to assertion not argument. Over time, it reinforces the notion that politics is about visceral identification and apposition, not complex problems and their solutions”

“Other problems confront women in power. One is fine but two’s a crowd seems to be an unspoken rule when the one wears a skirt. And those in authority have found ways to reward women for excluding others of their kind.”

“Presidents today spend more time speaking than they do reading or thinking.”

“Sisterhood is a powerful metaphor; it ought not become a synonym for groupthink.”

“Sound bites aren’t very helpful. They can tell a voter what a candidate believes, but not why.”

“Spin’ is a polite word for deception. Spinners mislead by means that range from subtle omissions to outright lies.”

“Stories told around the water-cooler as well as statistics confirm that a man’s competence is more likely to be presupposed, a woman’s questioned.”

“Television has accustomed us to brief, intimate, telegraphic, visual, narrative messages. Candidates are learning to act, speak, and think in television’s terms.”

“The assumption that seeing is believing makes us susceptible to visual deception.”

“The weakness in a model in which one assumes that the electorate gets what it needs from Bill Clinton is that our system doesn’t institutionalize the oppositional voice, and one needs to be able to hear the exchange of the debate in order to create an informed electorate.”

“What if we moved through life with a greater sense of awareness and clarity? What if we discovered our lifework is not about fitting in or pleasing others?”

“Women are penalized both for deviating from the masculine norm and for appearing to be masculine.”

“Women are quoted as sources and appear on interview shows much less frequently than men.”

Kathleen Hall discusses elusive objectivity and the many attempts used to ensure the accuracy of information as it is shared.

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