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20 Remarkable Gary Klein Quotes

Dr. Gary A. Klein is a known research psychologist famous for his naturalistic decision making process. With several books and publications under his belt, Klein sold his first company in 2005 to Applied Research Associates. Here is a look at some of the best Gary Klein quotes to remember.

“Biking is about rhythm and flow. It’s the wind in you face and the challenge of hammering up along hill. It’s the reward at the top and the thrill of a high-speed descent.”

“Coincidences change our understanding, change what we notice, change what excites us, and set us on the path to making a discovery.”

“Curiosities provoke people to investigate further, just as coincidences do. The initial “What’s going on here?” reaction doesn’t contain the insight, but it starts the person on the road to gaining the insight.”

“Decision researchers were trying to reduce errors, which is important, but we also needed to help people gain expertise and make insightful decisions.”

“I still observe executives exhibiting the same lack of courage or knowledge that undercut previous waves of innovation.”

“In many cases, the problem isn’t about having or noticing insights; it is about acting on them. The organization lacks the willpower to make changes.”

“Insights change our desires; the new stories shift our goals, leading us to give up some ambitions and pursue others.”

“Insights shift us toward a new story, a new set of beliefs that are more accurate, more comprehensive, and more useful.”

“Intuition depends on the use of experience to recognize key patterns that indicate the dynamics of the situation.”

“Intuition is the use of patterns they’ve already learned, whereas insight is the discovery of new patterns.”

“Leading philosophers such as Socrates and Plato visited temples dedicated to these goddesses, these muses, who were a source of inspiration. ”

“Our insights transform us in several ways. They change how we understand, act, see, feel, and desire. They change how we understand.”

“The claims work best in well-ordered situations. Well-ordered domains are structured and stable. We know what causes the effects we want to achieve.”

“The connection strategy is more than just connecting the dots. It involves changing the way we think.””

“The more central the belief is to our thinking, the harder it is to give up. These core beliefs anchor our understanding.”

“The reason, according to Fortune, was that Six Sigma got in the way of innovation. Too much energy was spent cutting defects to 3.4 per million, and not enough energy was expended developing new product ideas.”

“They were demons about cost. They enjoyed finding a bargain and were proud of getting good quality at a low price.”

“Too much energy was spent cutting defects to 3.4 per million, and not enough energy was expended developing new product ideas.”

“We can increase insights by exposing ourselves to lots of different ideas that might help us form new connections.”

“You don’t expect much, if you don’t inquire in a way that respects the intelligence of the other person, you probably won’t find many insights.”

Gary Klein appears during this Ted Talk in Dayton to discuss his lightbulb moment. Focused on the nature of insights, Klein made this a part of his business. Authoring five books during the span of his career, Klein shares some of his best techniques.

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