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20 Most Popular Internet Memes from Last Year


With the rise of social media sites and the instantaneous need to comment on current events, the popularity of memes is at an all-time high. Memes offer a creative look on the things that matter most and combine humor with a little innovation. You can become a meme for all types of reasons, so be on the lookout. Here are just a few of eth most popular memes of 2013 that got tongues wagging and people commenting.

Teo Lives In Infamy

The story of Manti Teo is one of the most bizarre to ever hit the sports world. When you play of a story of inspiration about a fake dead girlfriend, you are leaving yourself wide open to a little criticism. This spawned a trend of memes with internet users posting pictures with their very own imaginary girlfriends. Te’oing helped to bring the popularity of memes to new heights.

Tommy Lee Doesn’t Smile

Sometimes a good meme just characterizes the personality of a celebrity figure. Tommy Lee Jones made for a great meme during the 2013 Golden Globes. All you can see is a crowd of laughing actors and a stoic Jones looking on with a blank expression. This meme produced more than a few laughs.

Harlem Shake

The latest dance craze of 2013 was definitely the Harlem Shake. It is a dance that starts in a typical setting with one person dancing and the n shifts to everyone dancing in crazy costumes and outfits. However, the Harlem Shake meme originated after 4 people in spandex bodysuits made their own rendition of the dance. Like everything else in life, it spawned millions of parodies in its honor.

J Law

Jennifer Lawrence seems like the perfect girl. She has a sense of humor, dazzling good looks and epic talent to match. With all of her many strong points, it is her knack for falling that helped her top the world of memes. Everything Jennifer Lawrence does is amazing and watching her fall is a meme everyone can connect with.

Is That Spaghetti In Your Mouth?

Not only was 2013 the year of memes, but it was also the year of selfies. The most popular selfie pose is the puckered lips. Memes and selfies collided in the popular invisible spaghetti meme that added spaghetti to selfie photos of girls flaunting their lips. What could be better?

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