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11 Great Sorority Fundraiser Ideas

Sororities often sponsor community and campus events that can be quite expensive to organize. Fundraising is the best way to get the money your house needs for these types of events. The sorority fundraiser ideas listed below are easy and inexpensive to organize.

Bridal Fair

Spring is wedding season, and many brides start planning their weddings a year in advance. Host a bridal fair in a local park or donated venue in the spring. Profits can be earned by charging vendors to rent booths. This type of fundraiser could be especially successful if your town does not have a yearly bridal expo.

Write Letters

Writing letters and asking for donations is a simple but effective way to raise funds. Have each girl write a letter to a woman that has inspired them and ask them to get involved. A handwritten, heartfelt letter can really make a difference in how successful this fundraiser is.

Garage Sale

Have your sisters collect donations of used and unwanted items. Aside from the girls in the sorority, you can also collect items from other students on campus. Host a garage sale drive to collect the items. Sell the items at a garage sale on campus (get permission first). Profits from the sale will go to the sorority.

Sell Care Packages

Create care packages and sell them to parents and family members of students who are living on campus. Inside of the care package, include snacks and basic necessities like soap, toothpaste, etc. Send postcards to parents to advertise the care packages. You may need the help of the school’s registrar to find parent contact information. Just make sure that you charge enough for the care packages to make a profit.

Health & Fitness Workshops

College can be an exciting time for first-year students, but it can also be challenging. Many students are living on their own for the first time, and no longer have the guidance from their parents/teachers to help them make healthy choices.

Partner with local fitness instructors and health professionals to host health and fitness workshops. The workshop could take place in your sorority house or the school’s gymnasium. Charge an admission fee for the workshop. Promote your workshops through local women’s organizations, the school paper, email, flyers or through the school’s website.

Host a Summer Camp for Girls

During the summer, many sisters head home to spend time with their families. Instead of leaving the house vacant, host a summer camp for girls. Target girls who are older (7+ years old), and charge an admission fee for the camp. Plan fun activities for the girls that teaches them something new. Hold a special ceremony at the end of the camp that makes each girl “honorary” members of the sorority. This is a great way to raise money for your sorority while also giving back to the community.

Host a House Mixer

Host a mixer event at your sorority house, and charge an admission fee to raise funds. Choose a theme for the mixer and invite students. Use the help of your sisters to organize the party. Advertise the event in the school newspaper and flyers.

Karaoke Night

Host a karaoke night in your sorority house or in the school gymnasium. Charge an admission fee and offer a discounted rate for any attendee that’s willing to sing. Rent a karaoke machine for the event, and ask the rental company if any discounts are available for fundraisers. Sell concessions to raise more money.

Sorority Cook-off

Host a BBQ cook-off to celebrate summer break and raise money for your house. Charge each chef a fee for entering the cook-off, and charge guests an admission fee to attend. Ask prominent members of the community and faculty to serve as judges for the event. Those participating in the cook-off can either cook their dishes ahead of time, or (if you have the resources) you can provide the space for them to cook. Sell samples of the dishes to raise money for your house.

Date Auction

Auction off dates with your sisters to raise money for your sorority. Date auctions are a lot of fun to plan and earn quite a bit of profit. Ask your sisters to volunteer for the auction, and invite members of fraternities. See if you can find a DJ who would be willing to donate their time and skills to liven up the event. The highest bidder on each girl will win a date with the person.

Jell-O Wrestling

A Jell-O wrestling event may get a little bit messy, but it will attract a huge crowd and generate a lot of money for your sorority. All you need to make this event a success are groups of guys and girls, lots of Jell-O and a few kiddie pools. The supplies for the event are very inexpensive. Naturally, guys will wrestle guys, and girls will wrestle girls. Make sure that each participant dresses appropriately. Charge an admission fee and sell concessions.

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