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20 Magnificent Tom Wright Quotes

Tom Wright is a leading British New Testament scholar also known as N. T. Wright. He is the Bishop of Durham and associated with many controversial conservative evangelical circles. Here is a look at some of the most notorious Tom Wright quotes ever documented.

“All the functions of the Temple – festival, presence, priesthood, and now sacrifice – have devolved onto Jesus. This is the heart of John’s ‘high Christology’.”

“And if we believe it, and pray, as he taught us, for God’s kingdom to come on earth as in heaven, there is no way we can rest content with major injustice in the world.”

“Before the Prince of Peace had learned to walk and talk, he was a homeless refugee with a price on his head.”

“But Jesus is talking about God becoming king in order to explain the things he himself is doing. He isn’t pointing away from himself to God.”

“But many people today assume that Christianity is one or more of these things – a religion, a moral system, a philosophy. In other words, they assume that Christianity is about advice.”

“But resurrection is more than defeat of an enemy. It is the inauguration of God’s new world, the new creation which has already begun to take over the present creation with the unstoppable power of the creator God.”

“Christianity is, simply, good news. It is the news that something has happened as a result of which the world is a different place.”

“Everything pivots around the complex event that had happened: the Messiah died, was buried, was raised, was seen. Take that away and Christianity collapses. Put it in its proper place and the whole world is different.”

“For Paul this was of course the ultimately shocking and ultimately glorious thing: that in becoming human to fulfil his own promises, Israel’s God, the creator, had chosen to die on a cross.”

“Genesis 15 describes the covenant God made with Abraham, promising him a great family, and the land as its inheritance; the critical move was that, when God made the first promise, Abraham believed it.”

“If you have a choice between letting the doctor examine you right away, uncomfortable though it may be, and waiting until he or she can do a post-mortem on you after it’s too late, it’s wise to go for the first.”

“In case we miss the point, Mark rubs it in by having Jesus command the wind and the sea to be still, and they obey him.”

“Learning to believe what doesn’t at the moment feel true is an essential part of being a Christian.”

“People who believe in the resurrection, in God making a whole new world in which everything will be set right at last, are unstoppably motivated to work for that new world in the present.”

“There is appropriate complexity and appropriate simplicity. The more we learn, the more we discover that we humans are fantastically complicated creatures.”

“There is no shame in spirit-trouble; it’s what you get when you’re a footwasher, a generous-love person, open to deep friendship and to the serious wounds that only friends can give.”

“This is perhaps the most difficult thing for us to keep in mind, though the gospels are inviting us to do so on every page.”

“We are all different, and as the old Puritans said, God does not break all hearts in the same way. But it is a central strand of most Christian living that everybody needs, from time to time, to wrestle privately with God and his will.”

“We can see this already going on in the writings of Paul. It is highly likely that Mark expected his first readers to have the same combination of themes in mind.”

“What has happened in, to and through Jesus has convinced Paul that hidden within the divinely intended meaning of Messiahship was God’s determination not just to send someone else to do what had to be done but to come himself to do it in person.”

Here is a look at one talk by Reverend Tom Wright on the Kingdom of God. Wright is a research professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews. More than fifty books are published in his name.

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