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20 iPad and Android Tablet Usage Statistics


Five Reasons to Get a Tablet Today

Are you considering getting a tablet, either to supplement your PC usage or to completely replace your old, bulky desktop? Tablets, like the iPad, Nexus and Galaxy Note, are very quickly becoming the most popular choice for digital screen time, whether you want to use it for work, playing games or watching television. Let’s take a closer look at how a tablet can benefit your busy life.

1. It’s Portable

So much lighter than a laptop computer, a tablet is much more convenient if you need to move around. Whether you want to put your feet up at a nice cafe and stream your favorite episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, or take it along on a business trip, a tablet will be there for you unobtrusively. Depending on the make and model, it can fit in a handbag or pocketbook, or even into the front pocket of a small suitcase.

2. All the Apps

There are hundreds of great apps out there that can make your life easier. You can find everything from fun games and diversions to industry-specific programs that can make your workload so much easier. In some professions, like logistics, medicine and media, you’ll be expected to know how to use certain apps as part of your competence in the field. Plus, how great is it to have an app that will help you find your keys or quiz you on Spanish vocabulary?

3. A Bigger Screen

If you already have a smartphone, you probably have already noticed many of these benefits. But no doubt, you have run into problems with the small screen. Tablets provide a bigger screen and therefore a more open, engaging experience.

4. Tablets are Quickly Becoming the Norm

For many of the above reasons, many people are now beginning to turn away from traditional laptops and desktops in favor of tablets. Nowadays, 43% of users spend more time with their tablet than with their desktop, and one third of users choose to use their tablet for TV-watching instead of their TV set. More and more workplaces are also issuing tablets instead of computers as well, so you should be prepared to be familiar with how they work.

5. They’re Fun!

With a tablet, you can access a wide range of media, from games to newspapers, at any time. With a tablet, you’ll never have to be bored again!

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