20 Great Catchy Speech Team Slogans

Speech team is a fun and rewarding school club that involves a wide variety of different competitions and categories. All of the things, however, involve getting up on the stage and speaking in front of large groups of people. This type of club is wonderful to build confidence and self esteem while providing young people with social skills that they can use for their entire lives. It can be difficult to get people to be excited about your school’s speech team, so using a great slogan to represent you is a great way to draw attention. Here are some witty and great speech team slogans that you can use.

At Least Our Movements Have a Point.
Can You Link It?
Debate Team. We’ve Got Issues.
Debate: Gladiatorial Combat of the Intellect.
Don’t Argue With Me…I’m On The Debate Team.
Don’t Hate, Debate.
Former High School Debater. Don’t Make Me Come Out Of Retirement.
Got Erudition?
I Love Speech!
If You Can’t Convince Them, Confuse Them.
I’m OG. Oratorically Gifted.
Just Speechy.
Keep Calm and Date A Speech Team Member.
Let Me Tell You How Things Work Here On The Speech Team.
Resolved: Speech Team Is Awesome.
Speak Up!
Speech…Don’t Try It At Home.
That Right. I Have 37 Contentions.
We Have A Speech Problem.
We’ll Take The Words Out Of Your Mouth And Make Them Sound Better.

This is one highschool’s entire line up of performances at the regional level. It really shows just how much effort and passion goes behind every single performance.