21 Good Catchy County Fair Slogans

The county fair is a magical time for towns all across the country. People and groups come together to organize a fun filled time for all of the residents. Many of these fairs also bring in people from other areas, which help to boost the economy of these small towns. Choosing a great slogan for you fair is the key to bringing people in by the truck load. Here are some wonderful ideas that you can use to choose a slogan for your own country fair.

All Is Fair In Games And Fun.
Celebrating (XX) Years of Tradition!
Celebrating The Bounty of Our County.
Come One. Come All. To The County Fair.
Country Fair. Do You Dare?
Do You Dare?
Family Fun Fair.
Family Fun For Everyone.
Footloose At The Fair.
For A Dog Gone Good Time.
Just A Touch Of Country.
Let’s Come Together To Salute Our County!
Let’s Eat, Have Fun, And Celebrate!
Let’s Stirrup Some Fun!
Nothing Can Beat The County Fair
Saddle Up For Fun!
There’s No Place Like Home.
Three Cheers For 70 Years!
We’ve Got Thrill A’Peel
Who’s Got The Fairest Fair Of Them All? (Your County)!

This great video is all about a county fair in Oregon that has developed a type of cult following. They put their areas culture and traditions on display in the most colorful of ways!