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20 Best Social Media Engagement Techniques


Social media engagement is an integral part of any online marketing campaign. Unless a company manages to harness the outreach and impact of social media, it would always lag behind, at least in comparison with the competition. But engaging your target audience on social media is no cakewalk. It takes a lot of planning, efficient management of social media presence and deft handling of the interactions with the audience.

Here is a brief guide illustrating how you can successfully engage your target audience on social media with insight from this infographic.

1) Transparency Works.
Secrecy doesn’t work anymore. Limited information or opaque business practices are the absolute antithesis to the freedom of information movement whose manifestation is the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Disclose all information about your products and services, introduce the team working in various departments and you can even get your chief executive to directly interact with the audience. The more transparent a company is, the better it is for social media engagement.

2) Trust Is The Key.
Nothing is more important than trust. There is a reason why some companies generate a million sales in a few hours. Consumers trust those companies, at the cost of being blind at their shortcomings, if any. Build trust by being genuine on social media. Share content that you believe in. Be helpful or of some value to your audience. Ask them to spread the word and always walk the extra mile to make your customers happy.

3) Outreach Is The Foundation.
Social media engagement would be half-baked if your exposure is limited. As you work on interacting with your audience, you should also work on expanding the outreach. The more exposure you get, the more activity you would be rewarded with. Use multiple social media platforms, conjoin them and then work on a unified or diverse strategy depending on the goals of your business.

4) Interaction Is The Driving Force.
Interaction can never cease. Fresh content has to be posted or shared from time to time, there should be human interaction, sharing of stories and general discussions to engage an audience. Interactions cannot be only about promotions. This would lead to spamming and no one likes that. Be of value to the audience through your interactions and they will like you.

5) Welcome Everyone, Every View.
Finally, welcome everyone. It doesn’t matter if someone likes your company or isn’t a customer. It doesn’t matter if the feedback is positive or negative. Welcome every view and engage to create a much larger impact.

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