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20 Astonishing Olivia Fox Cabane Quotes

Olivia Fox Cabane is the author of ‘The Charisma Myth’ and past contributor to many online publications such as The Huffington Post and Forbes. Here is a look at some of the most notorious Olivia Fox Cabane quotes to get you encouraged.

“A knife can be used both to heal and hurt. Whether in the hands of a surgeon or the hands of a criminal it’s the same instrument.”

“As you try each technique, pay attention to which ones work best for you and keep practicing them until they become instinctive. You may also discover some of your own that work just as well.”

“Because trying to suppress a self-critical thought only makes it more central to your thinking, it’s a far better strategy to simply aim to neutralize it.”

“Being charismatic does not depend on how much time you have but on how fully present you are in each interaction.”

“I’ve often heard professional negotiators tell me that they could accurately predict the outcome of negotiations fairly early on using one simple clue: whoever has less endurance for silence loses.”

“Most of us tend to interpret events—whether they’re personal or impersonal—as relating to us.”

“One of the main reasons we’re so affected by our negative thoughts is that we think our mind has an accurate grasp on reality, and that its conclusions are generally valid.”

“One of the reasons that the Dalai Lama has such a powerful effect on people is his ability to radiate both tremendous warmth and complete acceptance.”

“Presence is a learnable skill.”

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

“Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. For instance, as you wait in line at a coffee shop, comment on the pastries and then ask your neighbor an open-ended question.”

“The key questions are: Which mental state would be most useful in this situation? And which version of reality would help you get there?”

“The most effective thing you can do for your career is to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

“To know others is knowledge. To know oneself is wisdom.”

“Whatever your mind believes, your body will manifest.”

“When our internal voice starts criticizing us, lashing out, it can feel like we’re under attack.”

“Whenever we use our brain, we fire certain neuronal connections, and the more these connections get used, the stronger they become.”

“With about 7 billion people on the planet, I can absolutely guarantee you that not just one but scores of people are going through the same thing at this very moment.”

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Within a few seconds, with just a glance, people have judged your social and economic level, your level of education, and even your level of success.”

Here is one talk featuring Olivia Fox Cabane as she discusses how to build your personal charisma through specific behaviors and elements.

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