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21 Amazing Twitter Statistics by Country

Many of Twitter’s demographic facts follow the trends of most social networks. Just like Facebook, for example, 53% of Twitter’s users are women. 3 out of 4 people on Twitter are in the 15-25 age demographic, though less than 0.5% of users actually post their age. Although 1 in 4 Twitter accounts originate in the United States and 34% growth has been experienced in the market, the US sits in 4th place in account growth.

Indonesia has seen 44% growth in the use of Twitter since Q2 2012.

Twitter Around the World

With 288 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent out per day, what is amazing about Twitter is that 80% of its updates occur via mobile platforms. Because of this, many of the countries that are leaders in total accounts have active and demanding lifestyles.

  • Behind the United States, Brazil sits in second place for total accounts with over 30 million registered users.
  • Although Japan is ranked #3 in total accounts, Twitter users from this country actually send out more tweets annually than Brazilian users.
  • 6% of all Twitter accounts around the globe have never sent out a tweet or have any followers.
  • The average number of followers for any Twitter account: 208.
  • 1 in 3 accounts in the Netherlands is currently active on Twitter, making it the second most active nation in the world. 52% of Twitter users in the Netherlands have updated their account in some way, even if they have not sent out a tweet.
  • The global average of participation on Twitter per capita: 27%.
  • India is the least active nation on Twitter, with just 19% of accounts active at any given time.
  • Japanese is the second-most used language on Twitter, right behind English.
  • Arabic is the fastest growing language being used on Twitter.
  • Almost one-third of online audiences in India use Twitter. India, with 36.6 million people on the social network, is also Twitter’s third-largest market right after the U.S.

Twitter is definitely a global community. There might be over 100 million accounts that have originated in the United States, but 3 out of 4 accounts originates outside of the US. This gives everyone a unique chance to get in touch with other cultures and experience something different from the normal routines of life. Maybe that’s why Twitter can be so addictive in some ways. The average active account user spends 170 minutes every month on the site.

What About Per Capita Use?

  • The US ranks 5th in Twitter per capita use. Kuwait leads the world in this category, followed by the Netherlands, Brunei, and the UK.
  • 81% of Twitter accounts are managed by people who are under the age of 30.
  • Almost one-third of online audiences in India use Twitter.
  • 14 countries have heavier Twitter usage overall than the United States.
  • 84.4 million people in China report using Twitter even though the website is officially blocked by the government. If true, this would rank the nation #2 behind the US in total accounts.
  • 41% of the online population in Saudi Arabia uses Twitter.

Some might criticize Twitter for the fact that its home market isn’t very active on the site, but the actual saturation within the market isn’t that far behind Facebook. There are about 40 million more Facebook profile pages in the US compared to what Twitter has. As for the growth of Arabic as a language on Twitter, the reasons behind this are pretty clear. With Kuwait and Saudi Arabia leading the way, many who are on the internet in the Middle East are also connecting via Twitter to the rest of the world. This is what makes this social platform so fascinating.

Is Twitter Losing Its Popularity?

  • At one point, 62.1% of Americans were unique users on Twitter. That’s dropped by over 10% points over the last 5 years.
  • Just 0.23% of tweets use geo-location tools.
  • U.K. users accounted for 8.1% of total tweets, compared with 7.2% of unique users.
  • US users of Twitter are responsible for 56% of the total number of tweets that are sent, despite only being 25% of the total site demographic.

Twitter is large enough that it shouldn’t be ignored for marketing purposes. It is a specific niche market, however, which is strange to say considering it has 500 million accounts. Twitter is a platform for a young, international audience. It’s a little older, on average, when compared to Tumblr, so it is the perfect place to test ideas. If something sticks on Twitter, then a brand knows that they have the potential for an idea to go global. That’s the advantage of knowing these Twitter statistics.

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