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19 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic


When you create a blog post, you likely want it to be seen and shared online. Having your blog post shared over 1000 times is possible if you are willing to follow the most powerful tips. Getting your blog notices can be simplified by making these easy adjustments to your content and blog layout.

The Title Makes a Lasting Impression

The title of your blog post matters for many different reasons. Having an appealing title will give your blog post the ability to seem more meaningful to a wider online audience. The title alone can increase the shares of your post by almost double. Make sure to have the most vital keywords included in the title and keep it concise. If you are looking to evoke emotion, make sure that it is only positive.

Simplify Sharing

Of course the key to increasing shares comes down to how easy it is for your blog post to be shared with others. You can simplify sharing by putting share icons in plain view and making these share icons accessible on both desktop and mobile layouts. You do not want to miss out on potential mobile shares because your site is not compatible.

Images Matter

Images always make written content more appealing, which helps to increase sharing. However, it is essential that you make sure your images are Pinterest friendly. This will enable you to take advantage of the Pinterest craze and help to spread your blog post online. You can make your blog post pin friendly by using Canva to produce your images. Pinning will be easy and the images will help to make your blog content more engaging to users.

Automatically Share

New social media technology gives you the ability to automatically share your blog content. Simply giving DLVR a try will enable you to automatically share through all social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. You can also look to manually share your blog post through both Do Share and Buffer. Sharing with your email list is another great option that will help you amass 1000 shares fast.

Look For Results

You must be proactive when it comes to obtaining shares. This means that you need to dissect the numbers and monitor results. You can make changes based on the effectiveness of your current approach. Getting shares is all about discovering what methods work best.

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