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21 Unbelievable Workplace Romance Statistics

Workplace Romance Statistics

Workplace Romance Is A Common Affair

Understandably, people who work together, sometimes end up in a romantic situation. Due to the long hours that co-workers spend with one other, they tend to get to know the other person pretty well and there is often little free time outside work to meet someone. The actual number of people involved in workplace romances may be higher than you imagine. 62% of workers say they’ve gotten romantic with a coworker. 16% had met their spouse or partner at work.

Workplace Statistics

With 38 percent of American workers admitting they have dated a co-worker during their career, there is obviously something to the whole love at the office topic. Perhaps more surprising, 31 percent of those who have dated a co-worker ended up marrying that person. The rate at which workplace romances end up being long-term successes is quite high.

Dating in the workplace also occurs among those on different levels within the company. 28 percent of workers who dated within the company dated someone higher or lower than them on the employment ladder and 18 percent got involved with their own boss. Women were more likely than men to date someone with a higher position at the company than them.

Top Industries for Romance

The hospitality industry led all job titles for workplace romance, with a full 47 percent of workers in this field who have dated a co-worker. Fields that work with a great deal of data, like financial services and IT, are also in the top five. The environment that people work in may play a role in how likely they are to connect with someone they work closely with.

About a quarter of workers say that the career their potential mate has affects whether or not they will be interested in them. Having something in common career wise with a potential date plays a role to about 19 percent of workers. While many workers will date within the workplace, there is a considerable amount of caution taken with letting this fact be known, since some 37 percent of them do not tell others about that romance.

Contributing Factors

While working together is the main factor in getting to know someone that workers may potentially date, a large percentage of them actually get together based on interaction that happens outside of the main work hours. Situations like meeting up for lunch, random contact outside of the workplace, and after-hours work assignments all play a role in co-workers actually getting together for romance.

Workplace romance is a relatively common occurrence with workers in the U.S. Their may be a debate to whether or not it is good for the company to have co-workers date each other, but the success rate of these relationships are pretty good and that is nice for those involved. It turns out that people are more likely to connect with someone they work with, be it higher or lower in the companies’ ranks, than they are to avoid someone because of what they do.

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