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19 Tips for Turning Your Site into a Conversion Machine


You’ve got a great idea. You turn it into a website. It’s successful at first, but the returns are declining. What is going on?

Here are some common reasons why even the best websites can fail one day.

1) They stop solving problems.
A website needs to stay focused on the customer. Far too often, the content is more about brand promotion than problem solving. Offer to help people more. Let them be the hero instead of you.

2) There is no focus on quality.
People want to buy from the best. Promoting a brand is fine, but products or services must meet certain promises of quality. If your site doesn’t provide that focus, it won’t create conversions.

3) The focus is on making a sale.
Websites aren’t visited randomly. There is a purpose behind each click, search, or purchasing decision. Websites find more success when they get to know their potential customers first. People always prefer brands with which they are familiar. That means you need to get out in front of your demographics so you become the go-to brand when they need what you have.

4) Offer them a chance to come back.
People also need a reason to return to your website after a first visit. There may always be some impulsive purchases, but impulsivity should be less of a priority. You need consistency. You can obtain that by providing consistently valuable content, services, and products.

5) Market to the right people.
If you are trying to sell skis, it would be difficult to get people who live on the beach to purchase your product consistently. Focus your efforts on creating products that match your primary audience for better results.

6) It’s too “lecture-y.”
Content should be conversational, even if it is coming from a place of instruction. No one likes to be lectured.

7) Make it usable first.
A website must be usable for it to be attractive to a visitor. The elements of visual design should take a secondary role to the actual user experience. Worry about how the site looks after you make it easy for people to find what they need.

Most importantly, your website must work on mobile. Nearly everyone has a mobile device today. Without a responsive experience, your site is destined to fail. That’s why the focus on improving it must happen now.

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