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19 Strong Effective Call to Action Statements and Buttons

19 Strong Effective Call to Action Statements and Buttons

Call Your Customers to Action

So you have a product available on the web and you send every customer that registers an emailed newsletter. Sending emailed newsletters to your customers is a great first step, but do they click on your products within your email? Use phrases that call your customers to action.
How do you call your customers to action? There are several ways to get your customers to click on that “Buy now” button.

First of all, does your “buy now” button tell the customers what you want them to do? Saying “buy now” is fine, but what is your customer buying now? Why should they buy it now? Your call to action button should clearly express what you want your customers to do. Are they signing up for a survey, providing customer feedback or buying your product? Exactly what your customer should do when they click on that button should be expressed in 2-4 words.

Buy Now Button

Does your “Buy Now” button stand out from the rest of the content contained within your email? Choose a different font for your button’s text and make it bigger than the other text. But don’t make it too big. You don’t want to overwhelm your content, the two should complement one another. Make the button a different color from the rest of your message. This will help it stand out even more. Add familiar symbols, such as a shopping cart or an arrow to help guide your reader. Also, make good use of white space. Adding some negative space around your button will help contrast it to the rest of your text.

Also, don’t stop at just one clickable button. Add several buttons that offer different options throughout the text of your email. Put a prominent “buy now” button at the top, but add in a “go to our website,” “get more information” and “about us” link as well. Scatter these clickable links throughout your email to improve your customer conversion rate. Make them obviously clickable for optimal results.

Remember your smart-phone buyers. Make sure that each icon is clickable, even by someone with “fat” fingers. Keep each clickable button separated by adequate content and white space.

Impact of Images

Don’t forget that users can turn images off in their emails. Use a “bullet-proof” “Buy Now” button that will be visible even without images by using a combination of HTML text, background color and background image. Test this out by sending yourself the marketing email and blocking the images from your email. Does your Call To Action “Buy Now” button still show up?

Deliver Promises

Last but not least, deliver on your promises. Don’t frustrate your customers with a broken or unfound link. Test each and every button and link to make sure that they lead your customers to the appropriate landing or checkout page. Test and retest your newsletter and website by using analytics and A/B testing. How often are certain buttons being clicked? How many customers that receive your newsletter buy your product? Continually test your marketing methods to avoid falling in a rut.

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