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19 Astonishing John Jantsch Quotes

John Jantsch is an author, speaker, and marketing consultant specializing in small business. As the author of several successful novels such as ‘Duct Tape Marketing’ and ‘The Commitment Engine,’ Jantsch knows a think or two about marketing. Here is a look at some of the most incredible John Jantsch quotes to remember.

“A thrilled customer is the most potent marketing asset your organization can leverage.”

“Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable.”

“Bring the best of your Authentic Self to every opportunity.”

“Create something people want to share.”

“Determine whether your ideal target market is large enough to support your business.”

“Develop a capacity for things like purpose, love, wonder, courage, and grace.”

“Do you really have a business without being able to reach and motivate a customer?”

“Firms that draw commitment from customers and staff give them a way to sign up for something that can allow them to be their best self.”

“Get your customers to know, like, and trust you more.”

“Listening is the new prospecting.”

“Look for common characteristics, such as age and gender, among your profitable clients that also refer business.”

“Marketing strategy is a clear explanation of how you’re going to get there, not where or what “there” is. An effective marketing strategy is a concise explanation of your stated plan of execution to reach your objectives.”

“My definition of marketing is: “getting someone who has a need, to know, like, and trust you.”

“Perhaps the most important marketing step any business can take is to discover a way to be different.”

“The difference between Sales and Marketing is that Marketing owns the message and Sales owns the relationship.”

“When it comes to lead referral generation, the customer experience is it.”

“While advertising was once used primarily to create a sale or enhance an image, it must now be used to create awareness about Web content.”

“While physical store location has always mattered, online location for the local business has become a life-and-death matter.”

“You can acquire some measure of knowledge from various research techniques, but nothing beats living, breathing, and feeling the same things your prospect (customers) do.”

John Jantsch presented this Ted Talk on the topic of rethinking commitment and how some feel like failure when they are complete successes.

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