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18 Great Facebook Status Update Tips

18 Great Facebook Status Update Tips

18 Facebook Page Post Tips

A listing of 18 tips for Facebook page posts to follow when updating your status.

1. Create Value
Post content that your viewer will see as interesting, informative, or entertaining.

2. Watch Your Time
Make your posts when your fans are most likely to be online.

3. Get Visual
Incorporate visual content to increase your engagement. Albums have a 180% increased engagement, 120% for photos, and 100% for videos.

4. Be Direct and Concise
Keep your posts no more than 250 characters while increasing your engagement chances by 60%.

5. Maintain Relevance
Stay on topic and use associated slang correctly.

6. Act Human
Speak from your brands perspective on a personal level to make a connection.

7. Stay Current
Keep current with events, tragedies, and holidays to give you an opportunity to have your say.

8. Ask for Opinions
The best companies request and listen to customer’s feedback.

9. Mix it up
Vary your post types when used such as polls, video, links, events, milestones, and photos.

10. Offer Exclusives
Reward your engagers with relevant coupons, giveaways, and special updates.

11. Keep Local
When applicable, target your posts to specific segments of your audience.

12. Post Regularly
Maintain your presence by generally posting one to three times a day.

13. Analyze
Monitor your Facebook Insights as the numbers will give you an idea of how your efforts are paying off.

14. Be Ad-Smart
Purchase ads for your posts but be sure to maximize results and not come across as spammy.

15. Celebrate
Incorporate Facebook’s milestone feature to share your history and achievements.

16. Be Prepared
Never put yourself in a position to not have content to post. Keep a list of go-to sources for content.

17. Respond
Fans expect and deserve replies.

18. Time Manage
Do not waste too much time and effort towards optimizing every single post you make. Some presence is better than no presence.

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