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17 Vital Tips for Buying Dropped Domains


Remember to keep these important takeaways in mind shared in this infographic…

1) Online business is a major avenue for income potential.
More and more businesses are either moving to or expanding to online marketplaces and much like the western expansion this new frontier is full of people fighting and scrabbling for their own chunk of internet real estate. Much like real world real estate a key difference between success and failure is location, location, location. Your internet domain being this location. However, with the billions and billions of domains there is a far greater chance that someone, somewhere already owns that domain. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the domain or domains you need to bring your business online. Domains require a yearly renewal and if the owner does not renew then the hosting company can auction off these domains allowing you to snag that all important domain.

2) Before you begin buying up domains you will want to do your homework.
Like buying a new car you want to know who and what the previous owner(s) did with it. One key thing to be aware of is if the domain was blocked by search engines. This can be for any number of reasons and can present a problem for you once you take it over. There are a number of online tools to help you research a specific domain to check to see if it was blocked and by whom. Tools like: https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/, cache:domainname.com, Bannedcheck.com, Isbanned.com, Bannedchecksite.com and iWebtool.com. These websites will help you check to see if that domain has a checkered past. For more of an in-depth history check archive.org and you can see exactly what used to be hosted on that specific domain as far back as 1996. Additionally something to keep in mind is that a pages rank may not be 100% accurate as these ratings can be manipulated. Using Fake PR Checker can help you see if a domain has indeed altered there rating

3) To check to see if a domain is indeed expired and available for purchase is your next step.
Use WHOIS lookup to check on the statues of the domain you wish to purchase. The current owner has between 30 to 40 days to reregister after the initial expiration period. Once a domain is released the hosting company can pre-release it for auction to the highest bidder. Auction websites like SnapNames, TDNAM, and NameJet are great locations to look for pre-released domain. Additionally you have other options for obtaining that desired domain. You can contact the owner directly and buy it out from them or in the case of domains that have expired you can wait for them to be dropped and/or deleted from the registry and scoop them up the same way you would a new domain.

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