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17 Tips for Converting Sales Leads


A sales lead is an amazing thing. It represents the possibility of getting a sale, of improving the business, and of succeeding personally. Any ways that can improve the chances of converting a lead should be examined. Whether you are an expert in sales or are just beginning, below are a few tips for success that may just help you convert that next big lead.

Timing Is Everything

Simply put, the quicker you respond to a possible lead, the greater the chances that you will get their business. It is believed that the chances of getting a customer from a lead is improved by 30% if you can call them within the first 5 seconds of getting the information. In addition, if you can call within a minute window of getting leads from online, you improve your opportunity to get a customer.

When thinking about long-term marketing, there are two times of the year that are especially lucrative. The first is Christmas. Being the time when gift giving rises dramatically, many people will be buying. It is considered an opportunity to make customers from leads and you should not pass it up. In addition, an important month is February. Many people launch marketing campaigns in February because it is the month with the greatest chance of converting leads to customers. Also, be sure to stay away from Memorial Day. It is widely and statistically proven to be the worst day for people attempting to convert leads into customers.

If you are looking for a particular day of the week, then Tuesday is your day. Tuesday is the best day of the week for possible leads to buy your products. For some reason, the chances of someone buying on Tuesday increases on average of 30%.

What Time Of Day Works Best For People?

Answering the question depends on what you are doing. For example, if you are trying to follow up with a potential customer, then 8am to noon represents the best window for succeeding. When it comes to sending content however, the time frame is dramatically different. 9pm to midnight is considered the best time to send information out to people, as they are most likely available to receive it with little interruption.


Given the complexity of sales, your own experience will be an excellent guide as well. Until you build up the years of experience however, use some of these tips and good luck.

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