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17 New Statistics and Trends in Online Contest Promotion

Online Contest Promotion

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Here is at least 10 things you did not know about online contest and promotions.

Players Profile

Research revealed that for every 10 of the sampled population, 7 have played a game at one time or the other. 53% are males while 47% are females. 68% are more than 18 years of age. The average age of the sampled population is 30 years old.

It has been projected that by 2014, over 70% of industry giants will make use of games as part of their strategy. The entertainment industry is already taking the lead, followed by technology then music.

For the most popular applications used, 45% make use of sweepstakes, 36% make use of quiz while 8% make use of instant win. 5% make use of photo contest, 4% make use of survey or pool while the remaining 7% make use of other apps.

It is advisable that the aim of the contest is matched with the right application. For example, it is easier to develop a fan base with an instant win app while it will be easier to engage the audience using a photo contest. It is also recommended to make use of several channels as this boosts your promotion and performance.

Time Duration

The ideal duration for your campaign is between a minimum of 25 days to a maximum of 60 days, during which, you will be able to gain up to 60 individuals as your audience. Such contest are better launched in June and November, nevertheless, April, May, October and December could also be chosen depending on prevailing factors. As with most European brands, June and November is much preferred.

The following were also discovered during the campaign.
•When an advertising budget is made, the amount of participants gathered is 10 times the expected participants.
• One third of all participants subscribe to information from brands and partners.
• The average time spent by a participant on a contest application is 2 hours 30 minutes.

It was discovered during the survey that on the average, over 34% of new fans were acquired during such campaigns, the average number of fans organizing contest on their fan page is 17,500 while the number of new entrants have increase about 8 times since 2012.

What are the prices to be given away?
• Travels forms 20% of the total prices
• Entertainment forms 18%
• Music forms 15%
• Technology forms 13%
• Fashion forms 12%
• The average value of each award is $369

It is advised to ask for basic fields from participants as forms with too much details tend to scare off participants.

Here is a list of some of the fields.
• Email Address: This field is used by all organizers
• First Name: This is used by 93% of advertisers
• Last Name: This is used by 92% of advertisers
• Age: This is used by 64% of all advertisers
• Country: This is used by 52% of advertisers
• Postal Address: This is used by 30% of all advertisers.

In summary, make use of remarkable promotion and contest applications. They should be targeted and come with a price incentive.

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