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17 Best Google Plus Tips for Businesses


Social media is possibly the best thing to have happened to mankind, after the invention of internet and its subsequent availability for public use. Between the launch of internet for the world and the emergence of social media, there was another significant event that changed the world. It was the founding of Google. Imagine a day without Google Search and you would realize the significance of the site that still has a blank white page upfront simply because its founders did not know how to write the code for a design or anything to put up on that page when they first started.

Google Plus is one of the biggest social media sites in the world. It is not as large as Facebook and not as much of frenzy as Twitter but it has its own merits and unparallel significance. Putting it simply, Google Plus is owned and operated by Google and being on anything that Google does is imperative for anyone, especially businesses. Google Plus profiles and all initiatives through that profile would improve a company’s outreach, better the search engine rankings and then there is the integration of all Google profiles, from YouTube to online ad networks.

How To Use Google Plus For Marketing is a crafty info-graphic that will not just introduce you to the social networking or social media site but it will delve a little deeper to shed light on how you can use every feature that is at your discretion.

Using Google Plus will be futile if a company doesn’t use all podiums offered by Google, from Maps to YouTube, Search to online promotions. Having a Google profile is the starting point, creating a circle and developing communities would be the next step, and then engaging with the entire network to keep the outreach active and to increase the outreach is imperative.

Online events such as Google Hangouts, search engine optimization of every online presence, ads, content meant to redirect and generate traffic for the official site, engaging with the online audience and being proactive in many ways to interact with the audience are all integral to Google Plus marketing.

The power of Google Plus, like other phenomenally powerful social media sites, must be harnessed by any company to realize the true potential of the virtual outreach. Be it marketers or branding managers, social media is the ultimate platform and Google Plus is at the crux of that foundation. Success on Google Plus or a towering presence and phenomenal outreach to a large audience will ensure many benefits for any company. A company will be able to improve their rankings on search pages and that would be without any investment into advertising campaigns or inorganic search engine optimization strategies. The accomplishment will be purely organic which is economic and also long-lasting. Organic search engine optimization can stand the test of time while inorganic attempts such as online ads will only be omnipresent as long as they are paid for.

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