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16 Pros and Cons of Extroverts

Extroverts are often known as the life of the party. They have little fear when it comes to the social engagements we all encounter every day. They thrive around others, can approach strangers with ease, and their personalities help to bring people together. It also means that when an extrovert is all by themselves, nothing may get done because the feelings of loneliness can dominate and shut down their mental functioning. Here are some of the other pros and cons of extroverts to keep in mind.

What Are the Pros of Extroverts?

1. People aren’t seen as a challenge that must be avoided.
They are seen as an opportunity to learn something new, have some fun during the learning process, and have a great conversation.

2. The energy that extroverts bring to any social gathering is contagious.
People who aren’t engaging with others will begin to engage when this energy is present – even the introverts who might be in the room.

3. Extroverts always tend to have a lot of friends around.
This means they’ve got a great chance to ask others for advice should they need it. Many different perspectives can help them find the right path to begin following.

4. There’s always a chance to influence a decision that needs to be made.
Because the extrovert is going to be sharing their opinion anyway, this perspective is often sought out before a final decision is made.

5. Many extroverts tend to talk out loud to refine their thinking process.
This gives evidence of progressive thinking to others who might be around, allowing the extrovert to prove their ability to think and discuss items in a logical and coherent manner.

6. Extroverts help find new prospects.
One of an extroverts strengths is having no fear in approaching someone who has never been a customer before.

7. A risk taker.
There is a willingness to take risks in social environments that introverts are unwilling to take.

8. Life is never boring.
There’s always something exciting to do. Even if that means taking a walk around the neighborhood, there might be the chance to speak with a neighbor or meet someone new to the area.

What Are the Cons of Extroverts?

1. Extroverts struggle to be on their own for a prolonged period of time.
Some introverts can go weeks without any social contact and consider the experience a blessing. Extroverts might not be able to make it 5 hours before needing some social contacts.

2. It’s virtually impossible for an extrovert to live or work independently.
If there isn’t a spouse or relationship in the picture, then there’s a good chance this person lives with roommates. They prefer working with a close team as well instead of being out on their own.

3. There is rarely a quiet moment in the life of an extrovert.
The TV might be on for noise or YouTube videos might be playing constantly to avoid having an environment be too quiet for comfort.

4. Extroverts have a difficult time saying “No” to anyone.
This means they rarely have any free time or money because there’s always a new social connection that could be formed. If there’s an invitation involved, then this just enhances the feelings the extrovert has on this key point.

5. The idea of growing old can literally frighten an extrovert.
When you crave social contacts, then there is nothing more difficult to imagine than spending one’s final years in a nursing home or assisted living facility with limited human contact.

6. Extroverts can be seen as loud, arrogant, and obnoxious.
Of course the extrovert would consider these qualities to show off their confidence, leadership, and ability to inspire others to a greater level of success.

7. People eventually move away, focus on their own lives, and move on.
Extroverts aren’t always able to do this, which means they feel like their friends are abandoning them for no good reason. Remember: everyone an extrovert meets is considered to be a friend on some level.

8. Hanging around the same people all of the time can feel tedious to the extrovert.
Sometimes there needs to be a fresh perspective to continue the social engagement and that’s not always available.

The pros and cons of extroverts show that these high energy individuals can inspire a lot of people onward to bigger and better things. It can also prove to be highly annoying to those who are around the extrovert constantly. Consider these key points, adapt as needed, and every extrovert will be able to maximize their influence.

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