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16 Online Holiday Shopping Trends and Statistics

Holiday Trends for Marketing

Trending Now, The Digital Trend Holiday Marketers Can’t Ignore

The Holiday season, no longer do we sit around our wood stove and drink hot chocolate. Now we sit by our imaginary wood stove on our phone, and play angry birds. As the Christmas lights go up on your homes, the sales start to heat up in the stores and the race is on to see how just how much can be sold this holiday season. Each year it seems the sales start earlier than they did the year before, and the competition gets a little stronger.

Bringing Christmas Early

Christmas comes early is now a reality for many retailers, as more than 30% of retailers started advertising for Black Friday dealers earlier in 2012 than they did in 2011, and it seems to be working. In 2012, 42% of retailers started Christmas advertising in October, right after Halloween.

In this day and age, we no longer have to sit at our computers to shop online. It’s gotten easier and easier to go mobile with the ability to shop online from our phones or tablets. This allows us to go to the store, browse the items that are available and then go online to make our purchase. Mobile devices are now being used as Christmas shopping tools, for a variety of activities, including, looking for sales, looking for a better price on places like Amazon and eBay. Browsing online stores and looking up store information.

Who Spends More?

Apparently it’s paying off however, because shoppers using tablets typically spend more on average than the ones who stay at home on their computers. Most likely because they are able to compare and see exactly and don’t have to second guess themselves as much. It puts things in perspective when we consider the state of online shopping. Online sales in November and December were about 17% higher in 2012, than they were in 2011. Following a continual annual rise, as of 2009, 33.79 billion was spent on online sales. This grew to 54.47 billion by 2012.

Impact of Mobile

Mobile devices are a huge part of this frenzy. With 10% more people buying mobile devices for Christmas this year; tablets are on the top of the wish list for more than half of all consumers. Given a choice between a laptop and a computer, 59% of respondents said they would choose a tablet. This is why the competition for high-quality credible tablet options is heating up. Samsung and Amazon both have viable options now for the tablet market. As well as Sony and Microsoft who are jumping into the market with both feet. The reason is simple, people are buying. About a third of those buying a tablet this Christmas will be purchasing it for themselves.

Marketing Tactics

So what is the most successful way to reach the consumer? Here are 2011’s top 3 most successful Holiday marketing tactics: Email Marketing, Paid Search Marketing, and Online Display Marketing.

Marketers are utilizing the tools they have at hand to make holiday shopping easier than it ever has been before. Investing significantly more into advertising to make sure the deals are kept in front of you, the consumer, this Holiday season, and beyond. 57% of Americans will be shopping the day after Christmas, trying to wear off the food they ate the day before. So the advertisers can keep the sales going right past the actual holiday.

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