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16 Great Catchy Embalmer Slogans

Many everyday people may not understand the process and skill needed in order to serve as an embalmer in the funeral industry. Here is a look at some great catchy embalmer slogans that aim to bring a little humor and creativity to this otherwise still environment.

A place where everybody is fresh to death.
an u trust us? Of corpse you can.
Coffins so nice, you’ll wanna die twice.
Everyone is dying to have their funeral her.
Our day begins when your day ends.
Put them in the ground with no money down.
Quality service is irrelevant when your dead.
We have them here, dead or alive.
We put the Fun in Funeral.
We’ll tuck you in.
We’re dead serious.
What happens in the embalming room, stays in the embalming room.
You only get one chance to make a last impression.
You shoot em, we suit em.
You shouldn’t be caught dead anywhere else.
You stab em, we grab em.

Here is a look at the behind the scenes of being am embalmer and what the process of embalming entails. In this film, you will experience what goes into the process of caring for the deceased and the type of training and skills required to serve in the industry.

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