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15 Ways to Write Blog Posts Faster


To create content, one must be able to write. Blog posts, video scripts, emails – they all come from the written word. You can create more content if you’re writing more content. Here is how you can improve your writing speed.

1) Edit Your Work Later.
It may seem unnatural to write without editing, but being a perfectionist will slow you down. Write now, then edit later. Not only will your work be faster, but it will be better too.

2) Outline Everything.
Keeping your work structured will make it easier to move from task to task when writing. Use subheadings, chapters, and bullet points to create specific steps that can be completed with your writing.

3) Turn Off the Distractions.
Everything needs to go away when writing. That includes your social media notifications. Ask your family to leave you be while you write. Put the pets outside. Use stereo headphones that cancel out the noise in your room if necessary. This will keep you productive.

4) Track Your Productivity.
Try to be competitive with yourself and track how many words per hour that you write. Words per minute can be variable, but words per hour can show consistency. You may be putting out more content than you realize. Set a goal to achieve a minimum of 1,000 words per hour.

5) Stick to What You Know.
Research will really bog down your writing time. Stick to subject matters that fit within your expertise to improve your writing speed. Remember: emotion and opinion come from your experiences. Use them to provide a foundation for your next content.

6) Stay Organized.
Start keeping track of your thoughts in a journal. It can be a notebook, a file, or even a scrap of paper. Just make sure that you keep all your thoughts in a single journal, file, or scrapbook so you can spend less time reviewing and more time writing.

7) Take Regular Breaks.
The brain needs a break from the creative process every now and then. Write for a specific period and then take a break for a specific period. Some writers can go 30 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. Others write for 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break. Find a schedule that works for you.

Then keep practicing. The best way to improve your writing speed is to keep writing.

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