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15 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Awesome


Search engine optimization, pay per click ads, social networking and social media marketing, everything is content driven. If you have better content, you would have more traffic, you would have greater acceptance and exposure on social media, you would get more traffic and it would only be a matter of time before your business becomes a brand. The key is to come up with content that is better than what your competitors are doing. Here are a few ways you can achieve that elusive objective.

1) Focus on Content No One is Thinking About.
You have to come up with types of content, the subjects or the contexts, that your competitors are not focusing on. Every company likes to focus on certain issues. If you have the same issues as your competition to talk about, then you would be grappling for the same space. You should shed light on those issues but for supremacy, you must find issues that your competition is not talking about. Get technical if you want, speak of taboos if you like, bring up issues that no one would even think of and certainly speak on obvious problems plaguing an industry or a given context. This way, you would be developing a niche for yourself. You would see that those following you will start to emulate your strategy but by the time they create an impact, you would already have a larger audience and fan following.

2) Always Try to Captivate Your Audience.
Many companies focus far too much on their own products than what the customers want to read or hear. You must focus on what customers want to know. That is what captivates the audience. The title should be catchy, the headlines and the subheadings must be intriguing, the content should be engaging and you must optimize the page well. Everyone knows this. What you should focus on is the quality of information. Don’t offer a half baked article. Extend the length of the article. Offer more information than what the customers need so they wouldn’t have to keep looking or head elsewhere to find out what they want to know. The audience today has an almost insatiable quest or hunger for information. If you can attend to that, they would start to follow you and they would begin to endorse you.

3) Make Content Visual.
Use original or professional images and videos, keep the language simple, incite an opinion, trigger a discussion and participate in the ongoing engagement with your audience.

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