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15 Unique Team Bulding Activities for Work


You might think that all the most successful CEO’s and business owners follow the same boring methods to success, but this is not always the case. Many of the most successful people in business think outside the box and do things differently. There are more than a few unusual team building methods that some of the most famous bosses have used. You might be wise to give a few of these unusual methods a try and see how well they can work out for you. You might be more than a little surprised by these team building methods and how effective they can be.

1) Book Club
You might think that book clubs are only for women over their forties, but this can actually be a team building activity that really works in the world of business. Mark Dankberg is the CEO of broadband services and he started a book club for his employees where they read books about being successful in business. This means that they keep up with innovation and business by making sure that they are reading the latest content that is available. Knowledge is power, so he makes sure that his employees are well read.

2) Beer and Business
You might not think that drinking beer is a great way to get ahead in the world of business, but it has worked for some. A CEO of a brewing company actually has a team building exercise where employees get together and brew their own beer. They even drink the beer that they have brewed together. This allows them to spend time with one another and bond. This is a team building exercise that has really benefited his business over time. Other CEO’s make a twist out of this idea and hold a cocktail hour. This is an event that allows employees to get together in a casual setting and brainstorm together is a way that is not so pressured. This means that they can be a lot more relaxed and ideas can flow a lot freer in this type of setting.

3) Family Dinners
Some CEO”s also see it as important for employees to see themselves as family. This means that they hold family diners for staff weekly or monthly where everyone can get together and know each other on a more personal basis since they all work for the same company and have the same goals for success.

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