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15 Tips for Building an Email List


Do you assume that email lists are outdated and ineffective, and that all your online marketing should be done via social media? If so, you’re not alone in your thinking, but email lists are actually more relevant today than ever before. They offer some surprising benefits over social media channels, and it only takes a bit of know-how to create a killer email campaign from scratch.

6 Benefits of Email Versus Social Media

1. Emails are private and confidential, and allow customers and clients to correspond discreetly. On social media channels, anything posted is visible for all to see.
2. It’s believed there are more email accounts in use than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined; some estimates put that number at three times as many.
3. Social media still often has the stigma of being for kids and teens, or for socializing alone. Serious business is discussed through email, not on Facebook.
4. Emails can be targeted to particular audiences and demographics than social media campaigns.
5. An email can sit in a person’s inbox to be read again and again, or for when they’re without distractions, making it remembered more readily.
6. Email campaigns are still very inexpensive, especially when compared to social media platforms that are consistently charging for their use.

4 Tips for Building Your Email Campaign

If you want to build an effective email campaign from scratch, consider a few basics:

1. Be wary of buying email lists. Many are outdated by the time they’re sold, may contain emails that are not appropriate for your product or service, or may otherwise be a waste of money. Sending out your message to these addresses runs the risk of having you blacklisted as spam.
2. Start with current customers and associates. This would include business associates, supporters, and anyone else already in your email list.
3. Increase your audience with lists from your chamber of commerce or other professional organizations that offer business to business advertising assistance.
4. Use an email signup form anywhere and everywhere. This should be on the landing page of your website, on your Facebook and other social media pages, on flyers and advertisements that you send out, in comments and memes you leave online, and anywhere that any potential customer might see the offer and be interested in receiving regular emails from your company.

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