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15 Things About Brand Advocates You Need to Know


Brand advocates are fan of your brand or business who are happy to talk about you and give you free promotions to their friends or followers. They are more likely to share information and influence others’ purchases and with word of mouth being as powerful as it is, can trigger people to make purchases. Knowing that brand advocates are important is a good place to start, but figuring out how to cultivate them is your next step.

1) Focus on Building a Strong Relationship.
It’s important that you give customers a good reason to fall in love with you and your brand. You can’t just rely on one good interaction to make people say good things about you. Instead, you need to focus on providing excellent customer service and a wonderful product. Make sure that you’re speedy when interacting with people, especially online. Users expect fast responses.

2) Share Success and Give Incentives.
Customers love having their success shared with others. It validates them. So if someone has lost weight with your product or gives a review, make sure to give them credit in ads or studies. In addition, be sure to set up incentives for your customers. These can come in the form of a loyalty program, exclusive offers, or even events. One great way to increase referrals is through offering an incentive to your customers.

3) Surprise Your Customers.
Want to keep people talking? You have to keep them on their toes. Try sending out free samples or running mega-sales once in a while. You’ll definitely have people bringing you up in conversation.

4) Make Them Feel Special.
You have their birthday for a reason, now send them a card. Let them know you’re thinking about them on major holidays and they’ll love you for it.

5) Respond to Feedback.
It can be easy to ask for feedback and then ignore it, but responding to it is a great way to build relationships. Even if the feedback is negative, you need to offer a response. Making customers feel heard and important can go a long way to fixing a broken relationship.

You have to have good brand advocates in order for your business to be successful. No longer can you just rely on your product and business name. Making sure that you have a group of fans who will spread the word about you and your business will keep your customers coming back.

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