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15 Keys to Managing Your Time Like a Pro


Juggling your schedule can seem like a full-time job. You may have a personal schedule, a professional one, or both to manage. Here is how you can make that happen with more wisdom.

1. Take Time.
Give yourself about 30 minutes at the start of each day to create a plan of action with your schedule. Make it as detailed as possible. Include any items on your to-do list that must be done.

2. Start Tracking.
Record your work on your schedule. This will help you track your productivity and show you where you may be losing some time to distractions. If you don’t like the idea of tracking time on paper, try using a time management app instead.

3. Plan for Interruptions.
If you schedule time for moments of distraction or unplanned interruptions, you’ll find it becomes easier to stick with your daily schedule.

4. Expect Results.
Every item you place on your schedule should produce results of some type. Always look for ways to get closer to your goals.

5. Create Protected Time.
There are projects which require your complete attention. Use your schedule to block-in protected time each week. During this time, turn off everything. Limit what can distract you. Close (or lock) your door. Stay focused on what needs to get done.

6. Make a Meaningful Checklist.
It feels good to check items off your to-do list. That action motivates you to get the next task done. Checklists will also give you better control over your workflow.

7. Delegate.
Trust people to help you get some work done. Take the most important tasks for yourself. Then let your team take care of the other items for you.

8. Refuse New Projects.
Only take on tasks that you’re confident you can complete. If you are honest about your schedule, people will understand. If you over-commit yourself, you’ll rush through tasks and not produce your best work.

9. Put Tasks Together.
If you have tasks which require similar activities, then group them together to be more efficient with your schedule. This process allows you to dedicate a specific skill to a single slot on your schedule.

It is impossible to get everything you need to get done at once. Give yourself time, and a meaningful schedule, by adding these tips of wisdom to your daily routine.

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