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15 Great Marketing Ideas for Flyers

One of the most effective tools for marketing today is the simple old-fashioned flyer. You can use flyers in a wide variety of ways and provide someone with a lot of valuable information. It can set you apart from the competition, get your brand recognized in your community, and be placed in a variety of different locations. Good flyers can make a dramatic impact on the bottom line of a business, but a bad flyer could be the final nail in a company’s coffin.

Good flyers, above anything else, must be easy enough for almost anyone to be able to read it and understand the message that you’re trying to convey. If you’re using complicated language, fonts that are small and difficult to read, or have colors of text that make the eyes uncomfortable, then you’re going to create a negative impression just about every time.

Great Flyer Marketing Ideas

1. Use Bold Images
People are attracted to intense, beautiful images which means your flyers must have them to attract someone’s initial attention. Do your best to keep the image related to your industry so that the picture makes sense with the information you’re trying to convey.

2. You’re Not Writing a Novel
Flyers are intended to be a brief overview of your goods or services and not a thorough sales presentation that would take an hour to really grasp in full. Give people enough that they’ll want to investigate further if they’re interested.

3. Put Your Price On It
Removing barriers for customers is important and the biggest barrier they’ll have is likely the cost of your stuff. Put your price on the flyers in big, bold print so there is no question about how much you charge. This allows a lead to make a decision on their own about the value you can provide for the cost you’re advertising.

4. Get Your Logo On There
Flyers above all else are a chance to extend the awareness of your brand so make sure you’re logo is on there. It doesn’t have to be front and center, but it should at least stand out on the flyers so that it can be noticed.

5. Engage Your Humorous Side
Headlines that catch the eye will help to encourage people to read through the flyers they’ve received from you. Try to make it funny, unusual, or memorable in a good way so that it can be recalled when there’s a problem going on in someone’s life that you can solve for them.

6. Use Your Strengths
Tell people what’s in it for them up front and you’ll either have people who want your stuff or you’ll have people throw your flyers away. Either way, you still got to make your sales pitch, and that’s usually problem #1 when it comes to product or brand recognition.

7. Use Testimonials
People are influenced by other people and testimonials about your goods will lend to an increased credibility in the minds of your leads. It’s why there are recommendations on the books you buy and why there are so many YouTube videos that contain product testimonials in search engine results today. It works.

8. Keep Your Information Organized
People tend to compartmentalize the information they view and you can help them retain more information by assisting with this process. Use defined boxes to stress specific points or put different information blocks into different colored areas so there is definition. This will make the flyer easier to fully comprehend.

9. Write Normal Content
You don’t want your content to be overly sales-related, so keep it in a natural tone and restrain from using the CAPITAL letters as much as possible. They can be utilized as a point of emphasis [I.e. “Try this for FREE today!”] but when used together for the text, it’s pretty hard for the average person to read well.

10. Make Sure Your Content Is Perfect
Even the best writers in the world have proofreaders to check their work because it’s easy to make a mistake. People incorporate elements of their environment during the creation process, making it easy to put in words from a radio advertisement while you’re talking about your goods in the flyer you’re creating. Perfect grammar and perfect spelling are essential to creating a perfect first impression.

11. Offer Discounts
Make it worthwhile for someone to read through your flyers by offering them some sort of discount. It could be a limited offer, a coupon, or just an exclusive discount that requires them to bring the flyer into your business. The better the offer you can make, the more likely you’ll get a higher response level from your leads.

12. Use Different Colors For Your Stock Paper
Switch the dynamic of the typical flyer and print them on pastel colored paper instead of the standard white. Use different shades of gray to distinguish content boxes for added variation and you’ll catch someone’s eye with the format for sure.

13. Bullet Points Work
People are naturally attracted to lists of information and that’s exactly what bullet points are able to provide. Numbered lists work equally as well for this design element as well. Put your most important items on top because that’s where most people will start and then go on from there. If it’s a strength of yours that sets you apart, make sure it gets into this list in some way.

14. Include Good Contact Information
Make it easy for people to contact you by including your email address, website, or phone number so people can contact you in their preferred way.

15. Eliminate the Competition
Comparing and contrasting between providers of similar products helps to show people the actual value of the goods you’ve got. This allows your leads to see your benefits, see the benefits that others can provide, and hopefully they’ll select you because of it. Make sure you come out ahead in the comparisons, however, because otherwise you’ll be spending money to promote your competition.

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