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15 Best Small Business Software Applications

Small Business Software Applications

15 Tools Used by the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Today, a typical business owner has a variety of online business services available to them. At ExpertCircle, some successful experts have identified a few tools that were used to get the job done.


The three tools mostly used to perform this task is mailchip, spyfu, and hobspot. These tools make a significant difference between now and 5 years ago. Approximately 27% of the sampled population use business automated solutions, 59% have economic uncertainty while 84% made use of more online marketing tools.


The mostly used tools under this section is A-Jira, Mixpanel, and User Testing. From the perspective of senior executives, the top initiatives today are placed in the following order.

1. Bi, Analytics, Performance, Management.
2. Enterprise Business Applications.
3. Business Process Management.
4. Mobile Technologies.
5. Cloud Computing.


To achieve sales, most people make use of Highrise, Bidsketch, and Leads360. Approximately 50% of qualified leads are not ready to make purchase. A quarter of legitimate leads are expected to convert to sales, leaving a remaining 70% that do not convert.

Accounting Finance

Wave accounting from Expensify are the tools mostly used for accounting. Here are some common mistakes made by businesses that could cause the attention of the IRS to be focused on them. 43% made excessive deductions to their income. 27% do not properly identify their workforce. 11% make home office deductions while other unidentified errors constitute 19%.


The most common tools in this section is legalzoom.com, Trademarkia, and Docusign. Research has revealed the following top 10 lawyer categories.
1. Family and Divorce Forms 28.85% with a CPC of $19.13.
2. Personal Injury 23.81% with a CPC of $59.21.
3. Criminal Law 14.63% with a CPC of $111.60.
4. Auto Accident 5.89% with a CPC of $66.51.
5. Intelligent Property 4.15% with a CPC of $10.81.
6. Aviation Law, Employment Law, Estate, Real Estate Law, Deby/Income Law standing at 27.67%.

Here is the list of all 15 tools used by the most successful entrepreneur.
1. Mailchimp
2. Spyful
3. Hubspot
4. Xjira
5. Usertesting
6. Mixpanel
7. Leads360
8. Highrise
9. Bidsketch
10. Expensify
11. Waveaccountingg
12. Freshbooks
13. Trademarkia
14. Legalzoom.com
15. Docusign

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