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14 Ways to Get More People to Like You


Unless you are doing something horribly wrong, you would be liked by at least a few people. This applies to your personal, social and professional life. There will be some people who would like you and some who wouldn’t like you. Regardless of how likable or popular you are, it is absolutely natural to be more likable. It must be remembered that popularity stems from likability.

Before we talk about the various things you can do to be more likable, you must consider the fallouts. You should not initiate any attempt that goes against the very essence of who you are. If you try to do things that you cannot keep doing for a long time, then your efforts or actions would appear to be pretentious. Don’t risk compromising who you are in an attempt to be more likable. If you are open to suggestions and would like to mold yourself in a certain way, then these tips will be of immense help.

1) Always be Positive.
You cannot be a cynic or even a perennial critic and expect people to like you. They may respect you for your pragmatic views and if they are proven to be right time and again, they may be afraid of you and they may even share your negativity but it is only positivity that inspires others and that will make people like you.

2) Make Others Comfortable.
Whether it is how you talk or how you physically interact with others, if people don’t feel comfortable sitting or standing next to you, talking to you and sharing an experience with you, then the question of being likable doesn’t even arise. You must speak softly, have some compassion, be friendly even when the going is tough and you must care for others. You don’t need to rescue everyone from their situations but just expressing that you are affected or concerned would be good enough.

3) Be Patient with Others.
Hear them out, try to understand what they are saying or what their viewpoints are, try to convince others instead of compelling, be respectful and considerate. These are some innate attributes of people that others like. You may not master all these attributes immediately but as long as you make an effort, it will show and people will respond to that initiative.

Being likable doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t oppose anyone or just toe the line. You should do what is right but not in a way that deliberately hurts others or seems to be offensive.

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