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14 Remarkable Ways to Improve Online Sales


Marketing has the potential to drive up online sales, but you have to have a strategic approach. With so much technology and innovation at your disposal, you can use a variety of apps to help you increase online sales and see the level of success that you invasion.

Enhance Store Design

Nothing turns customers away faster than a poor store design. If you want to be seen as professional, high quality and better than the competition, you must make store design a priority. The best way to improve store design is to get advice and feedback from those that know the most about design. It might be a good idea to stick with solid themes from popular platforms when you are first getting started. Shopify is a great app to get started with and gives you access to more than 100 free themes right away. The best part is that you can customize them to match your preferences.

Offer Exit Discounts

Even if you do have a store that is well designed, that doesn’t mean each and every sale is in the bag. If customers do not think that you prices are right, they might pass on making purchases. A great way to correct this problem and drive up online sales is to offer discounts that persuade shoppers right before they leave. Exit offers are special pop-up offers that appear right when shoppers are about to exit. Offering a 10% discount or free shipping might be enough to get a sale.

Email is a Great Marketing Tool

Email marketing might seem like technique from the past, but it is still quite relevant and effective. In fact, email might be the best channel that exists. It has the ability to help you increase sales drastically and can be more effective than Twitter or Facebook if used correctly. You need to focus on your target market with your email campaign and make an effort to create the right message for each individual based on their purchase history. Offers will help you entice customers to subscribe.

Stay Visible

You need to keep in constant contact with potential customers to keep them interested and informed. Make sure that you always send updates on order status and offer regular deals or newsletters. Email Pirate is a great tool to have on your side that enables you to create an opt-in window to help visitors subscribe easier from email.

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