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14 Mind-Blowing Kenichi Ohmae Quotes

Kenichi Ohmae is a Japanese organizational theorist and management consultant best known for developing the 3C’s model. Bringing many Japanese management methods to a broad Western audience, Ohmae specifically brought the Toyota practice of just in time production to an onslaught of Western Companies. With several publications written by him over the years, here is a look at some of the most memorable Kenichi Ohmae quotes ever documented.

“Analysis Is the Critical Starting Point of Strategic Thinking”

“In Japan, organizations and people in the organization are synonymous.”

“It is hard to let old beliefs go. They are familiar. We are comfortable with them and have spent years building systems and developing habits that depend on them.”

“Like a man who has worn eyeglasses so long that he forgets he has them on, we forget that the world looks to us the way it does because we have become used to seeing it that way through a particular set of lenses.”

“More strategies fail because they are overripe than because they are premature.”

“New World Order: The Rise of the Region-State.”

“Nobody knows how Honda is organized, except that it uses lots of project teams and is quite flexible.”

“Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.”

“The best possible solutions come only from a combination of a rational analysis based on the nature of things, and imaginative reintegration of all the different items into a new pattern, using non-linear brain power.”

“The sole purpose of strategic planning is to enable the company to gain, as effectively as possible, a sustainable edge over its competitors.”

“The strategist’s method is very simply to challenge the prevailing assumptions with a single question: Why?”

“What business strategy is all about-what distinguishes it from all other kinds of business planning-is, in a word, competitive advantage.”

“What we are left with is an overmanipulated economy that can’t function normally.”

“Without competitors there would be no need for strategy, for the sole purpose of strategic planning is to enable the company to gain, as efficiently as possible, a sustainable edge over its competitors.”

Kenichi Ohmae, CEO of Business Breakthrough Inc. speaks at the Global HR Forum in 2006 with an Opening Address.

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