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14 Great Lottery Winner Statistics

Lottery Winner Statistics

When it comes to winning the lottery with Powerball, you can be looking at a 1 in 175 million chance. The largest jackpot ever seen in history was the mega millions jackpot worth $640 million. An equal jackpot to the complete net worth of Facebook’s co-founder, the chances of winning the $640 million was .000000005%.

Greater Chance Of…

When looking at your ability to be a lottery winner, you are…

– 305x more likely to be struck by lightening.
– 207x more likely to be dealt a royal flush.
– 7x more likely to be dealt a royal flush, bet the winnings on 00 in roulette, and win.
– 10,336x more likely to be more Albino.
– 24x more likely to be executed in the United States.
– 3x more likely to be placed on death row and then exonerated.
– 1,004,065x more likely to be audited by the IRS.
– 3,514,230x more likely to be smart enough to be in Mensa.
– 7,028,461x more likely to be following Lady Gaga.

Facts About the Lottery

The following video shows the darkside to winning the lottery and what the risk really looks like.

Famous Lottery Winners

Almost 2,000 lottery winners go bankrupt within five years.

The infamous Callie Rogers was a recipient of a $3 million jackpot that was spent on shopping, cocaine, friends, and breast augmentation. Just a few years ago she was left working as a maid.

William “Bud” Post spent his 1988 prize of $16 million on houses, vehicles, and bad businesses. He ended up bankrupt an in jail for firing a shotgun at a bill collector before passing on in 2006.

Statistics show that lottery winners of $50,000 and $150,000 were half as likely as small lottery winners to go bankrupt within 2 years and just as likely to go bankrupt within 3-5 years.

The Lottery Statistics

The following infographic looks at the odds of winning the lottery and how the jackpot is distributed. Most states see a high income into the hundred millions from the sale of tickets.

Lottery Statistics

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