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14 Facebook Contest Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Follow these key points on how to run a Facebook contest this Valentine’s Day…

1) Using Valentines Day to generate more fans.
Surprisingly enough, Valentines Day offers those looking to better engage with their fans a fantastic way to generate more fans. This can be done through a number of questions or videos asking fans to share the love of what your page has to offer. Remember that this should never be heavy handed. Instead, treat it light, and ask those who support you to spread that support in the name of the Valentines Day spirit.

2) Using Valentines Day to gather user generated content.
Valentines Day is a great way to engage your fans and get them to generate content through shared experience. For example, asking your fans to do a short video, to wear their Valentines Day outfit and photograph themselves, or even make decorations and have a competition hosted by you are all ways to bring them in. With their content, you can help make your page an exciting place for others to check out, helping you to drum up support and buzz surrounding what you do.

3) Using Valentines Day to gather information from your fans.
Every person has a Valentines Day story they are willing to share. As those on Facebook have realized when asking, Valentines Day is the perfect time to gather information from your fans. While this can be done through a generated content contest as talked about above, it can also be done more directly by asking for their stories. This can be Valentines Day stories directly, or be more about what their favorite recipes are, or even silly things like love letter contest. No matter what you decide, a Valentines Day themed fan event will give you a lot of information regarding what your fans like and dislike surrounding this holiday.

4) Using Valentines Day to generate your own buzz.
All of the above suggestions will help to create buzz surrounding your Facebook page. In addition, you can consider buzz generating techniques that may help to directly get people to talk about your page. For example, open ended questions can be a fun way to engage a large number of people. Questions like “The most romantic movie is ________” help to engage people while also being relevant to Valentines Day. Consider the Valentines Day questions that you can ask, and write out a few. Test them on friends and family first to see what other people are really excited to answer.

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