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14 Apps that Completely Disrupted Their Industries


It is not hard to see what a big impact smart phones have had on the world around you. Since smart phones are everywhere, the invention and use of apps has the ability to transform the way that we do even the simplest of tasks. There have been many industries that have been completely altered by the creation of apps. Here is a look a the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Uber
If there is one app that is making a big name for itself, it is Uber. This is a relatively simple app by design, but it is revolution public transportation. The traditional taxi system that has been in place for countless years is no longer the only option. This seems to be the preference for people looking for a better form of transportation. This app allows you to get things done in an easier and faster manner. It is possible to use technology in order to make a payment and estimate the time of arrival for your ride. This app has definitely changed the taxi industry for the better.

2) Google Maps
Now it is almost impossible for anyone to ever be officially lost ever again. The creation of the Google Maps app have even removed the need for traditional GPS systems. Now you can use your handy smart phone to do the navigation for you. As long as you have your trusted smart phone as your guide, you are on the right path. The GPS navigation industry will never be the same thanks to the Google Maps app.

3) Venmo
The best part about apps is that they are specifically designed to offer ease of use. This means that you can accomplish tedious tasks quickly. The banking industry has been completely transformed with the Venmo app. Now you have the ability to pay your friends directly through your phone. This is one app that allows you to skip the trip to the bank and avoid writing out a check.

4) Runkeeper
Ann industry that you might not have expected to be so impacted by the use of apps is the fitness industry. However, the world of fitness has also undergone a lot of change due to the advancements in technology seen through the creation of apps. Runkeeper is a popular fitness app that allows you to track your fitness levels and also helps to make your exercise routine more fun and you completely motivated.

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