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13 Ways to Integrate Social and Email


Internet has consistently evolved ever since the galactic network became available for public use. Email is one of the first byproducts of internet and social media is one of the latest. If internet changed the world, so did email and social media, albeit in very different ways. Today, internet is multifaceted, at least from the perspective of businesses who intend to invest in online marketing. Emails and websites are the conventional facets. Search engines and online advertisements are the more recent facets. Social media or networks, ecommerce and user generated contents are the latest facets. The question that most businesses are faced with is if the conventional facets should be used in conjunction with the latest facets?

The truth is that social media and email, while being very different and otherwise nonrelated, have to be integrated for an effective internet marketing campaign and even for a desirable impact in the virtual world. Integrating social media and email marketing is not a choice. It is imperative and the sooner companies realize this, the better they would get with their internet marketing campaigns.

In the associated info-graphic, you would come across 13 industry experts talking about social media and email marketing. All of them are of the same opinion that social media and email marketing should go hand in hand. The thirteen experts share a tip each which can get you more accustomed with the best practices and you can have a clearer conception of what should be done with the two mediums.

Social media and email can both exist as a standalone facet of internet but when the two are used simultaneously or in a manner that they both complement each other, then a company manages to strike gold with its marketing strategies. Emails will remain relevant as far as messaging or sending extensive content is concerned and social media is the real time space that is throbbing with activity and has most people glued for several hours through the day. With the combination of email that offers enough space and direct outreach to individuals and social media that offers real time correspondence that can engage millions of people with a single effort at the same time, any marketing strategy can become a potent weapon.

For effective branding, to increase a brand’s exposure, for promotions or advertisements and even for feedback, information and customer service; integrating social media and email marketing is imperative.

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